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Remembrance Day and the Purple Poppy

The two minutes silence at 11am on the 11th November, the remembrance Sunday parade and the red poppy are all synonymous with this time of year – to honour and respect those who died in combat. Since 2006 a purple poppy has also been sold to honour the often forgotten victims of human conflict. It […]

animal skin- the facts

Hide (Skin). No, I am not referring to traditional rawhide that you find bleached white on most pet store shelves with a warning sticker. I am referring to fresh, unprocessed, raw skin, which happens to be the largest organ in both humans and dogs. Found in the skin is collagen, which is the most abundant […]

Sazzy Dog Treats

We’re dog people, so you know what we do. We take care of dogs. That’s why we sell natural chews that are healthy, safe and delicious. And straight from the UK. Our premium, all-natural dog chews are made in local facilities using 100% real ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives. Then we send them […]