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Animal Fur

Animal Fur Product Fur and feathers. When I talk to pet parents about the benefits of feeding their dogs fur-on ears, wings or even whole prey birds like quail or guinea fowl, I almost always get a horrified look. They follow my advice up until I add “don’t forget to keep the fur on!” and then I swear […]

Dog Tricks & Mental Stimulation

Dog Tricks & Mental Stimulation Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is an important way of burning off excess energy. Under stimulated dogs can exhibit unwanted behaviors so it’s important to incorporate mental stimulation into everyday life. We’ve prepared a few tips to keeping your dog engaged and stimulated within the home.  With more people working flexible hours due to COVID19, […]

What Type Of Treats Are Suitable For My Dog?

Suitable-Dog Toys I get a lot of customers coming to ask me what types of treats are most suitable for their dog based on; breed, size, existing conditions, personal preference etc When I am in person at one of our pop up stalls, this is an easy task to recommend suitable treats, however when customers are looking […]