Natural Dog Chews

As our chews are made using only the freshest and most natural ingredients, they are a great alternative to rawhide and artificial chews. As each chew is made using only the freshest and most natural ingredients, there are no chemicals or additives in our products.

Giving your dog high-quality, natural treats can help contribute to better digestion, maintains gum and teeth health, lowers the risk of disease, boosts immunity, and can also increase energy levels.

Box Deals

Do you want a selection of different items? Well, take a look at our box deals. Purchasing a box deal can save you money if you’re looking to purchase multiple products.

We have designed our box deals for different types of dogs, such as treat boxes specifically made for puppies, light snacking boxes, and chews for either small or big dogs.

Mentally Stimulating
Dog Toys

It’s important to keep your dog mentally stimulated, which can be achieved during playtime. Focus on mental stimulation can help your dog learn, lower stress, and reduce boredom.

All in all, it can enrich your dog’s life and can decrease the likelihood of them developing unwanted behaviours. All our dog toys have been designed to stimulate your dog’s natural desire to sniff and problem-solve.

Cold-Pressed Recipes

Designed For Your Dog

Our cold-pressed recipes have been designed by a top canine nutritionist, who is pioneering the science behind cold-pressed pet food.

Bespoke Premix

We’ve spent almost a whole year discussing every single ingredient, tweaking the various quantities, adding in extra goodies like our fabulous and bespoke ‘Joint Premix’, then finally ensuring everything is perfectly balanced.

Just The Important Bits

There isn’t a single ingredient in there that doesn’t serve a purpose, and we’ve removed absolutely everything else. These recipes don’t contain any trace elements of ‘fancy sounding herbs’ and ‘super foods’, just to make them look good!

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