How Did Sazzy Treats Come About?

Sazzy Treats was born from the love and close bond my wife and I have with our three beautiful Labradors. Sarabi, who is without doubt Alpha of the pack, and it is her nickname ‘Sazzy’ that we named our business after. Simba, is the bottom of the pack and best friend of Sarabi.

They are affectionately named husband and wife due to their loving nature for each other.

We wanted the very best for them, whilst wanting to spoil them with healthy treats. So, we had the idea of sourcing only the finest and highest quality natural chews and treats for dogs, to ensure we are treating our furry family members, knowing that they are not getting any ‘nasties’ found in commercial dog chews and treats that you may find at your local pet shop or supermarket.

Natural Dog Chews

Feeding your dog natural dog treats can help improve your dog’s health, from the overall gut and oral health to boosting immunity and increasing energy levels. This is because they have a higher nutritional value and aren’t made with any chemicals or preservatives.

By choosing to feed your beloved pet one of our delicious natural dog chews, not only are you offering them a tasty treat, but you are also helping to maintain their overall health.

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